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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag? and how can you talk to me about fiber when you are eating a candybar. you enjoy that.
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i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a secret plan is revealed. how bart tried to manipulate the media to get the public to turn against protesters. >> a 15-year-old kid driving around the bay area with a grenade launcher in his car. on the verge of a massive release, why almost half of the state's imprisoned women could go free. i'm dana king.
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>> the on going battle between bart management and protesters for the past few weeks has been costly and inconvenienced. >> elizabeth cook shows us, bart has been exposed trying to manipulate its message. bart protests have become a weekly event. protesters carrying signs, demanding attention, disrupting service. on august 11, bart took credit for stopping one planned protest by shutting off wire lesser vis. this bart's spokesman back then. >> we may close stations. we may have to divert service. that's absolutely true. that may be a tactic we use in order to ensure our customer safety. we're not going to give out our plans, except we want our riders to be on the watch from now on. it's not just tonight. it's throughout the rest of month. >> we now know about another
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bart tactic. pr spin. bart employee gina tells cbs 5 johnson sent an e-mail to bart employees asking them to send 10 to 15 loyal bart riders to a news conference that night to read from a script to criticize the protesters. the bay citizen contained the script. it said, whatever the message is, it is now completely lost on me because you're putting my life at risk. further more, you're making me late. we riders demand an immediate end to these illegal acts that make us late and put our lives at risk. johnson also told his staff to provide transportation for whatever rider they could round up, saying quote, maybe a van or special train. now i was at the news conference that night on august 11 and only one guy showed up to complain about the protesters. i didn't use the interview in my story that night because frankly he didn't seem that real and there were other
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people to talk to outside of bart's news conference. dana. >> has bart said anything about any of this? >> well, the chief spokesman has been on family leave. his leave comes after a protest group posted risque foe photos online. but tonight, i did speak with bart president, bob franklin. he tells me that bart should not provide the media with supporters or pay for transportation. he told me, quote, this is not type of tactic i support. >> we'll have to see where this all goes. thanks so much, elizabeth. >> police stop a teenage boy for a minor traffic offense and you will not believe what they found in the backseat of his car. it happened in nevado. what they saw had them calling the pentagon. >> it turned buildings to
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rubble during the war in iraq. it is the 18th floor antitank rocket propelled launcher. a military weapon, but not found on the streets of a war torn region this morning. instead it was pulled from the backseat of an suv right in front of a public library. >> i'm seeing this robot being taken out of the vehicle. you can see this robot looking like in the movies. >> several streets were crime scenes, cops everywhere. so he thought of only one thing. >> i'm thinking terrorist and everything else. you know, it's just being 9/11. we were standing over here. >> chris butler stood with residents, each fearing they were witnessing home grown terror. >> why would anyone being a terrorist attack to this town? >> you too thought this was perhaps a terrorist act? >> at first, yes, because at first i thought it was a pipe bomb. >> the suspect in police custody is no terrorist.
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in fact, his name is not being released and that's because he is only 15 years old. a sophomore in high school. it's a grade reis repeating because he's commonly on the wrong side of the law. >> i guess he is young from coming back from iraq, maybe he has an older sibling that brought home some souvenirs. >> classmates tell cbs 5 that the suspect's older brother was in the army. police confirmed the rocket launcher carries a military serial number. >> we are in contact with the military at this point in time to see who should have in fact be serialized device that is on the weapon. >> police found several additional items in the backseat of the suv. it's unclear if they found grenades. what they do know. >> it did not have a charge in it to be fired at this time, but capable of being fired. >> so threatening to specially trained bomb squad was called in to remove the 4-foot long
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rocket launcher. the high school sophomore is in juvenile lockup. the investigation continues n into how a lethal military weapon of war made it on to a suburban street. >> does anything surprise you these days? anything at all? >> in nevado, robert lyles, cbs 5. police are investigating two cocktails found in homes at opposite ends of the same street. people that live on west meryl court were awakened around 3:30 this morning by a loud crashing noise. they noticed a heavy odor of gasoline and found a broken window and broken bottle with a rag in it. six hours later, a fire on east murrell court was caused by a similar device. there is no apparent connection between the victims. but there were no injuries in either incident. >> san jose police blew up
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several explosives. officers were searching 63-year- old mark sedlock's home. e had was accused of making dangerous threats. investigate torse found a large cash of firearms and explosives. a bomb squad detonated most of the explosives in a hole dug in a front yard surrounded by a mound of sandbags and sedlock was arrested. people in california are living in poverty. according to census figures, 16.3% of residents lived in poverty last year. and that is up a full percentage point from the year before and the highest level in 13 years. median household income dropped 5%. now nationwide, more than 46 million people live in poverty. the census bureau reports those living below the poverty line topped 15% last year. according to government figures, a family of four is considered to be in poverty if they have an annual income of
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$22,350 or less. the census bureau says nearly 50 million americans do not have health insurance. all right, imagine a costco sized marijuana superstore in your neighborhood. tonight, san jose city council mobs voted to limit the number of pot clubs, but require them to grow all the marijuana on site. >> kit on the new law that is supposed to make regulating the industry easier. san jose has just become one of the few cities in the country to require medical marijuana to be grown at the same place it's bought. with fewer cops on the force, the police department says it will be easier to keep an eye on everything when it is under one roof. >> we are able to ring late the proposal we have put tabard. >> the city council approved the change today. san jose currently has 140. the operators argue to condense
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all that supply and demand into ten large locations means trouble. >> when there's a possibly costco sized dispensary that has a huge green crop, you are going to irritate your entire community. >> the large amount of marijuana concentrated in the ten dispensaries will make them tempting targets. >> it's really dangerous. it's dangerous on the level you are putting everything in one spot and saying hey bad guys, come get us. >> theres are going to smash and grab and leave no witnesses. >> forcing collectives to grow marijuana on site will make it easier for quality control. and about security, if banks can do it, so can the collectives. >> money is in the bank. people tend to rob them from time to time, but people are safe when they visit the bank and the banks control security. the police department thinks this is the best way, i'm going to follow their recommendation. >> back here live downtown san jose.
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one of the larger and more prominent dispensaries in the city. even they will have to reapply for those spots. if they do not get it, they'll have to shut down. the new ordinance goes into effect october 27. >> all right, ten, down from 140. that's a big leap. kit do, thank you. other news making headlines around the bay area, oakland police have arrested four teenagers for the murder of a gardner. antonio torres was robbed and shot to death four months ago. investigators say that the suspects wanted to steal torres' gold necklace and an ipod. one of the suspects allegedly bragged about shooting torres, which led to the arrest. a few people in palo alto reported feeling sick after a small chlorine spill tonight. an apartment building was evacuated. the hazmat team did find a 5-
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gallon bucket of chlorine. two people were treated and released. the high school is one step closer to converting it a charter school. the district approved that move late tonight. mark sayer on the conditions that the school has to meet to convert. here at clayton valley high school, some parents and teachers feel students are not getting the education they deserve. >> you do the right thing. approve the charter. >> tonight, supporters of the plan to convert the school to a charter school made their voices heard to the unified school district. >> the charter school is a vehicle that can allow the clayton valley stake holders to really flourish as a high school. something that i think we are being prevented from doing right now in a variety of ways. >>kevin: the ways. >> 8500 to hire attorneys. while the mayor says that money has been paid back, he says there is nothing more to this
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move than the education of children. >> this is what has been a growing sense of frustration with a school district that has gotten too big by bad contracts and overhead and just the state budget crisis. >> all of the comments tonight, only one person spoke out against the plan. debra is the parent of a student at another district school and says she does not think this plan is in the best interest of all students. >> i'm sure that parents throughout this district want exactly the same experience for their children at their high schools that clayton valley wants and we all deserve it. >> back on campus, this group of students leaving after school activities was not too sure what to make of the plan to become a charter school. >> leave it the way it is. >> now tonight's approval did come with conditions that need to be met by early next year. the proponents of this plan,
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we're looking for an unconditional approval. they did express some displeasure with the conditional approval, raising the possibility of a direct appeal to the board of education. so while it does appear that the high school is on the path to becoming a charter school, ken, it's not there yet and who knows if this appeal is going to happen. it was vague, but not everyone happy with what happened tonight. >> a lot of districts are starting to look that way. thank you mark. thousands of inmates are getting out of jail early. it would save taxpayers millions, but some say it's not worth the risk. >> freedom could be near for the two hikers still held in iran. >> a biker trapped under a burning car. what happened next is one of the best displays of teamwork you will ever see.
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thousands of women in california prisons are getting a lucky break. mothers that are committed of nonserious crimes could start going home in just a few months. an estimated 45% of the 10,000
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women imprisoned in the state would be released under an alternative custody program. >> we're not talking murders, we're not talking sex offenders. we're talking drug and property offenders, misdemeanor types. >> release of women prisoners will help california meet a court imposed deadline to make space in its over crowded prisons. the women would be required to wear gps enabled ankle bracelets and report to parole officers. two americans could soon be released. they have been held for two years on espionage charges. mahmoud ahmadinejad says they will be freed in a couple of days. sarah who was arrested with them in 2009 was released earlier on humanitarian grounds because she was ill. her bail was also half a million dollars. we don't say it too often, but this next story, you have
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to see it to believe it. check it out. >> oh my gosh, get them out of the car. >> all right, so this was in utah. a motorcycle explodes into a fire ball after colliding with a car and the rider got trapped underneath the vehicle. now instead of running from the flames, the bystanders and the car's driver rush out, lift up the car, and pull that rider out. he's alive. he is in critical condition in the hospital tonight. >> wow, good samaritans there. it's amazing to see how people can respond so quickly and heroically as well. good for them. let's bring you closer to home where tonight we are able to pick up the full moon. in the city by the bay, an area of low clouds and fog. if you look carefully, i love this video. just sent in by joe. one of our photo journalists. see those floating things? ufo, or what we would imagine
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them to be. those are the birds being e illuminated by the lights. a couple degrees off its typical mark. it was 85 in morgan hill. east bay numbers stacked up all the way to 90. meanwhile, san francisco topped out at 67 when average highs are 70 degrees. good look at those numbers because they are gone. it's going to cool down the remaining portion of the workweek. clouds are moving inland. already around the mid 60s to 79 in san jose. you can blame it on this. watch the clock tick on by. driven by a strong west wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour. 50ths at the coast. 82 degrees in morgan hill and upper 70s from willow glenn through san jose. the warmest number in the eastern portion will be 84
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degrees. otherwise 83 in liver more. down from the high 80s today. low 60s along the coast. otherwise 79 degrees. there you have the extended forecast. we call for tomorrow. the transition day leading into cooler camps. on thursday, very autumn like on friday before we rebound to warmer conditions through tuesday. oh, this is gorgeous. this was sent in by doug and he had a whole story behind it. he captured it. that first train he and his family ever got here. >> very cool. >> we're coming back with the good question. ,,,,,,,,
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i hang my head out the window. oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap. you know, every once in a while you get a little whiff of it and it has nothing to do with the way the giants are hitting these days. but a lot of people want to know. what is that smell coming from the bay near at&t park? that's tonight's good question. it is without question one of
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the most beautiful ballparks in the country. but occasionally, when a tide is going out and the wind is just right, you can get a whiff of something out here and it ain't baseball. >> the first question is whether it could be low tide. we want to make sure low tide sometimes does actually smell similar to sewage to many people. >> the other thing that smells a lot like sewage is sewage. the sf admits they had issues. >> pump station that is here was built in the 0s. so there's a huge amount of development that has gone on. >> wasn't much of a problem ten years ago when there wasn't that much people, but now with an explosion of development, there's how you say more stuff in the system? >> there's a lot of infrastructure and new buildings, including the ballpark here since that structure was built. >> they upgraded the pumping station three times and
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installed clor nay tores and other remedies to keep the smell down. >> it is mainly when it's hot out and hopefully not that many times a year. >> go to click on connect to send me your good questions. >> i can't tell you it was a stinky night of support for matt cain. what other local tv station is bring to bring you showdown of the night? cal versus stanford. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in women's, as fate would have it..they faced #2 r n cal is number one in the country for the first time ever in women's volleyball. they face second ranked stanford tonight in the big spike. >> number one and number two rivals per year. stanford, cal, who should be better and it's a huge match for national rankings, seatings, and opening of the pack 12 conference. >> and nearly 4,000 on hand. the cardinal jumped out. they won the opening set, 25-
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23. the bears go out of hibernation. the net rejection winner. look at that. then slams down one of her ten kills, oh she can kill it. the bears win three sets. they take the 73rd big spike and improve to 11-0. stanford dropped to 6-1. took the panda thing to a whole new level. bullpen couldn't hold it. mark derosa was up, fall through the glove and orlando hudson can't get it. the giants just won this game on that play. so matt cain doesn't get the win, but the giants get the win. 3-2 the final. fresh off his monday victory over the broncos, raider d lineman better stick to his quarterback. tied at 3. angels, oh, is there a shop? cliff pennington's throw, angels take the lead. they win it 6-3. after ending
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the prime time losing streak. coach hugh jackson had to be loving life, right? not so much. >> i haven't slept. the meal was horrible. i have been watching buffalo, so i don't feel good right now because they beat the team that they played really badly. so right now, i have some issues. i have to address them. it's going to take me until sunday to feel good again. >> we have the top five right now. number five, black hawk captain, jonathan kaine conducting a camp for kids. i guess he was teaching early. number four, worse pitch of the year. i would say. marlins pitcher, the braves won the game. it means another one. number three, desmond jennings, back, back, back, and to the wall. makes the catch, but the orioles won the game 4-2. and
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number two, it's been a rough year for the giants, but a nice comeback for pablo sanderval. he swung the bat well. the great yankees closer records his 600th save tonight versus the mariners who move within one of the major league record. yankees are four up on the red sox in the american league east. giants do not gain, by the way in the national league west because arizona beat the dodgers. >> all right, we're coming right back. ,,,,
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